A notice from our client management software company:

We are writing to inform you of a technical issue that affected your customers being billed in error. Due to a system update, payments that had been processed in the last 3 days were duplicated, and as a result, your customers were billed again. We are extremely sorry for this mistake and have been working to correct this issue to reduce the impact for your business and your customers.

The payments that were run in error will be voided today, therefore your customers will not be debited. By voiding the transaction we are able to stop it from processing. There is no additional action you or your customer need to take. It is possible that your customer will see this charge after the void is complete. You can assure them the transaction will be removed and is just in a pending status.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and the disruption to your business. We can confirm this was an isolated incident and the issue has been fixed moving forward. Please contact XXX XXXXXXX if you have any additional questions.

We encountered some technical difficulties with our website, specifically the fancy rotating images along the top! Support from the developer is lacking at the moment, please bear with us while we work it out. All links/functions of the site are still active and functioning properly.

It looks like Mother Nature is welcoming Spring with a pretty good snow storm. I know it’s a little early but circumstances require that I make a decision now so barring further updates there will be no 6AM sessions tomorrow morning (3/21). I will update as early as possible tomorrow on the other morning sessions.  Sorry!

We are FINALLY up and running for the StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge on April 23rd. Our ongoing issue with documentation from our insurance company has put us in a bit of a time crunch though so you need to register by Monday February 15th or the price will jump from $25 to $35. The link below will take you to the registration page.  

TSC Registraion

(PS- The shirts look AWESOME this year!)

Well South Kingstown gets an A for their plowing of this storm, North Kingstown a D and East Greenwich a C. Our lot is not plowed (although I hope it will be by 5) but the alley is done and shoveled so we are open for business tonight! PLEASE be careful if you’re driving in>

While the storm hasn’t even gotten underway get, the forecast is pretty grim. I know a lot of you would brave the elements to get your workout in regardless, I’m going to cancel the morning sessions, including all private training. Stay home, stay safe and if the storm turns out to be a dud we’ll have classes tonight!


No 6AM class on Monday morning. Mother Nature gets this one. As of now 8AM, 8:30 and 9:30 are on but please check before coming in!

So most of you know that most of the staff went down to Philadelphia last weekend for the StrongFirst level 2 KettleBell Certification. I won’t bore you with the details but this is the most challenging KB certification anywhere in the world right now. The Level 1 is perhaps more physically demanding over the course of the weekend, but the degree of skill and strength combined to pass the Level 2 is unique. Going into the weekend there were only 10 SFG 1’s in the entire state (7 of which are at Alpha Fitness) and only a single SFG 2 (me!)- there’s a reason we’re the best KB gym around!  Now I’d like to congratulate Lisa Comito and Jennette Butterfield for becoming the first (and currently only) women in RI to become Level 2 Certified KB instructors. They did a tremendous job and I couldn’t be prouder! We have a couple more instructors that will finish off this certification soon as well so more congratulations are on the way. I know how lucky I am to have such a great group of trainers here at Alpha and I hope everyone appreciates the time and effort they put in to be the best they can for all of you.

So we have been without power about 4 hours now and I’m being told that it could be after midnight before power is restored. Travel in the area is particularly difficult due to downed trees and no traffic lights. As much as I hate to do it we are going to have to cancel classes this evening. I will get in as early as I can tomorrow to let you all know if we are up and running. Stupid storm…..

 Just a reminder that we will be closed this Saturday. We are hosting the Buteyko Breathing seminar from 8-1. Sorry for the inconvenience!