All evening classes are canceled. Stupid snow….

No 6AM KettleBells on Wednesday- sorry! As of now all other classes are on but please check back in the morning for updates…

We have some potentially nasty weather on the way tomorrow morning so please check here or on the FB page for updates.  All evening classes tonight are on!

Parking lot is plowed, walkway is NOT!  With drifting there is about 3 feet of snow. I’ll do my best to clear a path by 8AM!  (wear your boots…)

We have missed a few Monday’s so I am going to keep as close to a normal schedule as possible tomorrow (assuming we are plowed). There will not be a 6AM KB class but as of now all other classes/sessions will be as scheduled. If anything changes I will update ASAP. Please check in the morning for an update on the condition of the parking lot!

No 9:30AM class but we will be open for the rest of the day and evening. If you are scheduled for a private session and do not plan to come in please let us know!

This is getting to be a familiar message- unfortunately!  We will be closed tomorrow until at least 9:30AM. I will hold off making a decision on the rest of the day until we see what tomorrow brings.  Stay warm and safe!

This snow is starting to get on my nerves!  Roads weren’t as bad as I expected but our lot hasn’t been plowed since yesterday morning and the walkway wasn’t done at all.  I’ve shoveled out the walkway pretty well considering the lousy job they did on it last week, but the parking lot is not in great shape. There’s not a lot of snow but it IS slippery. I’m here and will be here all day, no cancelations but if you’re coming in PLEASE be careful!

One more evening sacrificed to ice and snow.  We will run our full schedule of classes and sessions on Tuesday!